About DS

DS Magazine is Hong Kong’s first free gay lifestyle magazine; we launched our first issue in 2002. Our goal is two-fold: to create a compelling, fun and educational magazine of interest to the gay community, and to provide a means by which businesses catering to the gay market in Hong Kong can effectively communicate with potential customers. DS Magazine is a well-known brand across the Asian gay community, and has seen very constant positive critical reviews since its beginning.

DS Content
DS Magazine’s primary focus is content. We bring in guest writers from many countries around the world, as well as regular local contributors and strive to remain a magazine that both local and international readers will identify with and read cover to cover. Contents of the magazine include local news, music and arts, business, fashion, lifestyle and more. The main features and fashion shoot of each issue are determined by a central theme; in 2006 these themes included Metamorphosis, Transgender, Drama, Trade and Screen.

The DS Choice section details hip things coming to the market, DS Vox is a monthly message from the publisher, Hot Gossip gives details of events and parties in the upcoming month and Body Care gives styling and grooming tips for men. 2006 saw the introduction of a new Fag Hag columnist and the lesbian focussed Pussy Talk. We also initiated the reader opinion based Ask Me page and extended our review section to include books and DVD’s, as well as music. We also compiled data from our first annual reader survey, allowing us to better understand our readers and serve them, and our advertisers more effectively. All features and listings are printed in both English and Chinese.

Q Guide
2006 also saw the launch of DS’s sister publication Q Guide, a pocket sized monthly with detailed gay interest maps of Hong Kong and Kowloon, plus money-off coupons and advertising space.

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