Yves Saint Laurent


Words: Russell Boaz

Yves Saint Laurent was a fashion icon whose designs were celebrated and was very influential in the fashion world.  The film, YVES SAINT LAURENT, on the other hand, is drab and dull, it looks great but there is no substance behind it.  Directed by Jalil Lespert and starring Piere Ninney as the title character (who is a spot on look alike for Laurent), YVES SAINT LAURENT has no real depth to it and just comes off as dreadfully boring.

The film charts Yves Saint Laurent’s rise from an assistant to Christian Dior, eventually becoming the head designer and youngest designer in history for the House of Dior after Christian Dior’s death, to him becoming one of the powerhouses in the fashion world.  At the heart of the film is his relationship with Pierre Berge (played by Guillaume Gallienne), Laurent’s boyfriend and business partner who helped him rise to fame.

The film delves into the good and bad, showing Laurent’s self-destructive lifestyle and Pierre being there for him but the filmmakers seemed liked they were playing it too safe in the telling of Laurent’s story, they did not delve deep enough, I wanted more drama. The way they structured the film, it just was not sewn well together.  There are scenes that are consecutive yet happen years apart yet you do not realize for some time.  It just felt like a jumbled, boring mess made to look pretty with Yves Saint Laurent fashion, and there were times in the film that move at a snail’s pace.  If you a very much into fashion, there might be some chance you like this film but for those that are not, this might be one outfit that is not worth buying.


(Released on 10 April)

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  1. Fleurette Yong Says:

    I agree with you, the film has no depth and it is actually boring. the filmmakers didn’t give justice to Yves Saint Laurent’s life story.

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